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coalition with Ukip From Lancaster

Clegg rules out coalition with Ukip From Lancaster And Morecambe Citizen

Nick Clegg has ruled out ever joining a coalition government alongside Ukip, saying it had been "difficult enough" finding common ground with the Tories.

He also took a shot at the "anti everything" Green Party as he Wholesale Jerseys sought to play down another dismal Liberal Democrat by election performance.

That was only just more than a fifth of the votes cast for the Green candidate in the contest which saw Ukip take a second Commons seat from the Conservatives.

Seeking to explain the result, the Deputy Prime Minister told reporters at Cheap Jerseys a monthly press conference: "There was a sharp drop in the support for all the three main Westminster parties.

"The parties Cheap NFL Jerseys that espoused the politics of grievance and blame and anti everything did well.

"That is, in a sense, not new. We are in a phase of politics at the moment where giving people a reason to be against things is pretty popular but grappling with the dilemmas that reality throws at you is less popular.

"One of the very worst things that can happen to the SNP north of the border, or even the Greens, would be if they actually had to take the decisions that we, as the United Kingdom as as whole, face at a pretty tricky time for the British economy and a time when the country faces threats around the world.

"We are avowedly not a country that seeks to exploit people's fears but to address them by showing that by having Liberal Democrats around the cabinet table we can secure the recovery, finish the job that we still need to finish."

With Nigel Farage's eurosceptic outfit now hopeful of winning sufficient seats at the May 2015 general election to hold the balance of power at Westminster, he was asked whether he could envisage joining a power sharing administration that included them.

Mr Clegg, who led the Lib Dems into coalition with David Cameron's Tories in 2010, was adamant it would not happen under him.

"I will never sit around a cabinet table with Nigel Farage, that's for sure," he said. "I should think the feeling is pretty mutual.

"He represents the politics of fear, the politics of blame, the politics of vilifying foreigners and the politics of economic self harm by pulling the drawbridge up.

"It's difficult enough to compromise with more mainstream Westminster parties I have discovered, but it can be done at a push.

"Compromising with a party that I think basically wants to turn the clock back to the 1950s, has a very regressive attitude towards women, has a very ambivalent attitude to put it mildly towards the NHS I just don't think you can see the Liberal Democrats and Ukip in the same space."

He declined to give any similar declaration about the Scottish National Party, which is currently tipped to significantly increase its representation at Westminster at the expense NFL Jerseys 2015 of Labour.

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Black Friday mostly calm in Louisiana

Melissa Foret rummages through her bag full of Black Friday coupons to find her shopping list at Lakeside Shopping Center in Metairie.(Photo: JULIA KUMARI DRAPKIN, Jordan Matthews Jersey THE TIMES PICAYUNE/AP)But this scenario is becoming less common as an increasing number of retailers have begun to open their doors on Thanksgiving and greater volumes of holiday shopping take place online. Retailers offer online bargains similar to what they have in their stores and have extended their sales over several days.

The reality of the less frenetic Black Friday played out at malls and outlets in the New Orleans area where lines were few and shoppers' foot traffic was steady but hardly over the top brisk. Similar trends were reported in other places around Louisiana.

One of the only signs even nearing Black Friday madness was a line of some 100 people waiting for their chance to buy the latest Jordan 6 sneakers on sale at the Lakeside Shopping Center in Metairie, Louisiana, a suburban mall where many New Orleanians shop.

"I'm a sneaker collector," said Matt Brown, a 29 year old high school football coach who has about 250 pairs in his collection. "I wear them once and then put them up. They're like Rolexes the value goes up in time."

Brown had a long wait still, but he said it was worth it. The shoes were selling for $185 at the Champs Sporting store, a savings he figured of about $100 or more.

Inside the mall Friday morning, the atmosphere seemed little different from a normal busy weekend except for the holiday cheer in the air.

"The lines seem to get shorter every year," said Laura Paisant, 27, an event coordinator at the Southern Yacht Club in New Orleans. She spoke from experience, having made shopping on Black Friday a tradition for the past 11 years. She goes with a group of women that includes her mother and cousins.

With shopping bags crowded around her feet, Paisant said she was taking advantage of the sales and buying stuffed animals and other things with which to decorate a room for a baby she is expecting. "The sales are really great," she said.

Her mother, Debbie Perniciaro, agreed that the mall seemed rather quiet and she said that probably had something to do with stores now opening Evan Mathis Eagles Jersey on Thanksgiving. She frowned and said she was against the innovation.

"Thanksgiving should be spent at home. It's a family day. Everybody should be at home," Perniciaro said.

Last year the National Retail Federation said 44.8 million people shopped on Thanksgiving, a 27 percent increase from 2012. Still, more than twice as many people shopped last year on Black Friday, the group said.

On Thursday, lines formed outside some stores in Metairie as shoppers waited for a chance to snag good deals. Kiko Alonso Eagles Jersey Friday. They were on sale for $200. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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Amazing Jason Peters Jersey Spider

Amazing Jason Peters Jersey Spider

50? Highly unlikely. Marvel hasn't had a series cross that threshold for a while now. I think Astonishing X Men was the last one?

I go back and forth and the whole re numbering thing. It seems Marvel is in love with re launching a series every two years or so (sometimes less) because of the whole sales boost they get from that 1 on the cover. So that's good for them. Long run, though, it won't last. People start seeing them as mini series and those don't tend to do well.

Also, I feel it's a bit disengenuine to launch with a 1 and continue plot lines (see recent issues of the All New Wolverine). 1 Should be an entry point, an introduction to the character and the world they inhabit. Now if I buy a new 1 I have to figure out what previous 1 this story actually started in.

It's been completely impossible for me to care about my all time favorite character since they ruined him with OMD. That's not hyperbole. We now know, from the editor on high, that Peter CANNOT progress as a character. He CANNOT EVER actually have a relationship that will last. etc.

So, how can I care about a character that is forced by the editors to stay a loser, to stay a liar to his closest family, to forever have every relationship end badly, to stay forever spinning his wheels? That character/book/story is going nowhere. All that leaves are occasional big fights that mean nothing.

I'm not so much bothered by them flushing 20 years of continuity down the toilet. It's comics. That happens. Then you never have to worry about renumbering once it gets too high. But of course, they wouldn't be able to have a new 1 every year (not counting January issues!) to boost sales, so that will never happen.

As for Authentic Fletcher Cox Jersey Superior Spider Man, I liked the concept. However, it dragged on much too long. Then I was looking forward to upcoming issues where Peter has to reclaim his life/explain to everyone what has been going on. Thought those could be some intiguing issues, especially with regards to MJ. Not to really spoil anything, but in the last issue of Superior they pretty much covered a lot of that over the course of about 4 pages. What a letdown, could have been better.

It will Riley Cooper Eagles Jersey be good to have Spidey back, though.

I gave up on Spider Man, and a few months later, Marvel Comics entirely back in 2008 or 2009 when they rebooted his character as having never married Mary Jane Watson and introducing Jackpot (or whatever her name is). Yes, Marvel, that $100/month less in sales you saw back then was me. Thanks for many years of comicbook awesomeness, but that was the end for me. The fact they're just pissing on true fans to hopefully seduce new ones to coincide with movies just really turns me off. I had contemplated going back and buying some trade paperbacks. Nope. No seduction. You just showed me the proverbial weiner in the panties. like a frightened turtle.

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shuttle service idea goes viral

M student's 'Walk of Shame' shuttle service idea goes viral

Kellyann Wargo told the Michigan Daily a couple of weeks ago that she was creating the service for people who want to avoid the embarrassment of calling a cab or having to walk home after a night on the town or, ahem, "other activities." Wargo's idea was to offer a ride to anywhere in Ann Arbor for $5.

Wargo, 21, said she originally figured she would just offer some rides for her friends and sorority sisters, mainly because her parents told her she needed to get a job so they wouldn't have to keep giving her money. But after she posted the idea on her blog, blog Ginger Ambition, and it went viral on the Internet, she decided to turn it into a real business.

She was on her way Monday to have dinner with someone who offered to build a website for the business for free. She's getting some help from her parents, who she said are eager to protect her idea and help her get the business set up. It was also featured on the car blog Jalopnik, and got a link from the website Fark.

Her video has had nearly 36,000 page views. She wrote that an earlier one that she took down because of DeMeco Ryans Jersey issues had 50,000 page views.

The senior art and design major from Farmington Hills is interested in comedy and said her ultimate goal is to be a red headed version of comedienne Chelsea Handler, but she thinks the Walk of Shame Shuttle can help her reach that goal. . A lot of people are seeking me out and have read my writing."

She said she can even see the business expanding beyond Ann Arbor. "I would love to see a franchise and I could sort of see that happening,"

See the mock commercial below: Authentic DeMarco Murray Jersey

Don feel alone, bunnyrabbot; when I replied to Joe Kidd post about being a gentleman and driving a girl home afterward, the powers that be took offense at my comment suggesting the obvious convenience of dating homeless women. Although my comment violated none of the guidelines as set forth by them, they nonetheless keyed in on that one word, and true to form, decided that anything said about their precious homeless citizens as a whole was too controversial to publish. Following Joe Kidd comment about driving a date home, which is loosely what the main article is about, all I suggested was if a girl didn have a home to begin with, driving her afterward would be much easier.

The idea of Walk of Shame comes straight from an episode of How I Met Your Mother. In fact, Authentic Sam Bradford jerseys the scene from her video follows the whole premise of the scene from the show. (In the show the main characters sit on their front steps and watch scantily dressed woman walking home after a long night of drinking.

I didn word my comment correctly. I know the Walk of Shame was not invented by the show How I Met Your Mother. However, the video presented is certainly taken from the show. There are way too many coincidences for it not to be.

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discussion questions for Michael Pollan

Pollan's In Defense of Food, second selection in fall open replica oakleys book club.

With Slow Food Sacramento gearing up for its Common Table/Ag Fest summer event, Michael Pollan touring the country (and speaking in Sacramento), the documentary, Food Inc., opening locally this week, and the film version of Julie Julia coming out in August, this is the perfect time to read Pollan's In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto, which will also prepare you to participate in fall's Open Book Club meetings on food related books.

Pollan writes: food, not too much, buy fake oakleys mostly plants. What do you think about the simplicity of his philosophy? What do you think about his writing style? Are there lines you find meaningful or beautiful?

Pollan suggests we eat food, rather than food like substances pointing a finger at "nutritionalism". Why would increased understanding of the science behind food create an eating problem?

Do you have real attachment to any food like substances? Why do you have that attachment? How significant is it? Does it prevent your attachment to food Pollan would describe as food?

What are the foods that people are fake oakleys most attached to? Who is likely to be attached to them? Why?

Not too much: do you agree we are eating in larger portions now than before? Why would this be so? Is it related to other trends?

Mostly plants: have you attempted to move yourself, your family or those you cook for in this direction? Do you get any resistance? Why or why not?

Pollan says how we eat the car, in front of the TV, and, increasingly, alone is not really eating, at least not in the sense that civilization has long understood the term. Where and how do you and your family or friends eat? Why is that your choice? Do you think where and how you eat affect what you eat?

What else is gained or lost with our shift toward eating away from the table? What happens as a result? Do you think this is an American phenomenon?

Pollan says food a set of social and ecological relationships, reaching back to the land and outward to other people. What relationships does he refer to here? How does the way we eat, and what we eat, affect the land and other people? How would changing the way we eat change other things, too?

How would you compare the tone and message of this food book to that of other food books? Julie Julia? Heat? Kitchen Confidential?

What is the relationship between this book and other food related cultural phenomena? Film and television: Food Inc? Iron Chef? Top Chef? Local blogs: Vanilla Garlic? Poor Girl Eats Well? Hunter Angler Gardener Cook?

Do you think the people who appreciate reading are more likely also to appreciate good cooking and eating? Why would that be?

Trailer from Food Inc, a film cheap oakleys influenced by Pollan's writing, as well as the writing of Eric Schlosser, Fast Food Nation.

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feeding frenzy leaves bitter taste

RARE footage captured of a shark feeding off a dead whale, just metres from a popular South Coast holiday beach, has left a bad taste in some people's mouths.

The shark was sighted in the shallow waters of Broulee Beach where those daring few stood nearby to get a better view.

Michael James captured footage of one shark tearing into the whale by attaching his waterproof Go Pro camera to a Go Pro rod and submerging it next to a bobbing shark tail when it was closer to shore.

However, he has since been reprimanded by many who have watched the video.

His mother, Trina James, said her son was never in any danger and has become disheartened by the negative commentary.

"At first I was a little taken back that he managed to get close enough to get video footage of the shark from the shore," she said.

"He is a lifeguard, he wouldn't do anything to put Wholesale NFL Jerseys his life or anybody else's in danger.

"It's just such a shame to see so much negative feedback."

Ms James said her son was well respected in the area.

"He slipped when he was kneeling down to get some more footage and that seems to be what has upset so many people," she said.

"He got the video for his girlfriend who is really good with photography, so she could have some good footage of the shark."

The drama began on Wednesday, when a distressed juvenile humpback was noticed on rocks on the Broulee headland.

The whale died before a rescue could be mounted, and quickly became a magnet for sharks, closing beaches and making some swimmers nervous.

Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter crew members reported two 3.5 metre sharks in the water nearby, and there were unconfirmed reports of up to four in the Cheap NFL Jerseys area.

A Eurobodalla surfer dived into the sea to rope Jerseys Outlet the dead whale, timing his dive between shark feeding sessions, so it could be towed away from the popular beach.

He and others towed the carcass in a borrowed boat out to sea to reduce the shark risk.

Despite that, South Broulee, Shark Bay, North Broulee and North Head beaches remained closed all day Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, reopening Saturday morning. It closed briefly that afternoon but has since reopened.

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